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About QUDO


QUDO is a crypto token with the purpose of rewarding your players not only for the time they spent playing your games but also for their performance. Giving your players the means to do IAP’s on all adherent games which will have the resources to acquire affiliated services, like advertisement. The circulation of this token between players and games is what makes it a crypto token for the gaming industry. QUDO runs on a Smart Contract-Enabled Blockchain called TELOS which also has is own token, TLOS. QUDO is 100% compatible with TLOS and many other tokens on TELOS.


The SDK is easy to integrate into your game and it seamlessly fits in the gaming experience, providing the bridge between your game and QUDO. The SDK will monitor all the reported activity from your players and take care of all transactions, making the implementation of QUDO much easier in you game. It also has UI interfaces pre-build so that you don’t have to do anything just “drag-n-drop”.