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QUDO is a proof-of-gameplay reward mechanism aiming to revolutionize the gaming industry.

Gamers are rewarded for their time playing, while Game Developers grow their gaming community, earn crypto and get help from adhering services. Everybody wins!
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Get ready for the (beta) main net launch by joining QUDO alpha phase. We're already running on the Telos test net.

QUDO offers game developers a player engagement mechanism that rewards gaming activity and performance with a cryptocurrency, while promoting their game.

How QUDO works

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Pre Mine

1024 QUDO

Block Reward (3)


Max Supply

0.1 USD

Expected Token Value (2)

How block rewards work

Every 1 minute, there will be a new block containing all new information, including transactions and rewards. For the first 8 years, every block brings additional 1024 QUDO coins into circulation until it reaches the 1st halving, where the number of new QUDO tokens per block becomes 512. This halving will occur every 8 years for a period of 80 years. According to these rules, the maximum supply won't be reached before the year 2101(1).

The Tokenomics model is still experimental and being optimised according to insights collected from the current QUDO operations already running on the TELOS Test Net, in conjunction with the knowledge of our partners and advisors. As a consequence, changes to this model may occur.

Being QUDO a decentralised ecosystem, these newly generated coins are distributed among different stakeholders in the community. The Block Reward distribution system is described in the following diagram:

(1) QUDO launch on the TELOS main net is forecasted for the first semester of 2021.

(2) Expected Token Values is merely an indication of an optimal value for each token, considering its utility. The token value will vary based on the markets and can be substantially higher or lower than the expected token value.

(3) Block Reward halves every 8 years, over a total time of 80 years.

For more details, please read our Whitepaper (available soon)

(4) Active Games are games reporting activity by active gamers during the period of the respective block.

(5) Founding Partners are GameDevs & Service Providers / Game Asset Providers adherent before main net launch. Click here to apply.

Get rewarded just for playing

When you play a game that is powered by QUDO, the time you play is reported by the game to the QUDO rewarding mechanism’s smart contracts. Every minute, a new block is created containing the activity of games being played. Depending on the amount of gamers playing the game and other factors (e.g.: number of games active), both game developer and respective players will be rewarded with freshly minted QUDOs, put into circulation as network rewards.

Reaching Highscores & Achievements never felt so good

As you progress in a game powered by QUDO, unlocking achievements or reaching new highscores, it can come with a reward in QUDO coins offered by the game you are playing. In games offering these rewards, every time you reach a new highscore or unlock an achievement, a small QUDO notification will appear letting you know the amount of QUDO coins that are now yours.

Discovering bugs in a game can actually be a positive experience

If a game is marked as “Crowd Testing Enabled”, using the “Report a bug” QUDO feature from inside the game will let the game developer know about the bug you just reported. If the developer acknowledges the bug, you’ll be receiving QUDO coins for your efforts and sharp eye. (This feature will be available soon)

Sounds interesting?

Get your QUDO tokens and help us set a new standard for monetization in the gaming industry.

You can also get your own tokens without being involved in gaming activities. After launching on the TELOS main net, QUDO will be listed on multiple crypto exchanges, making it easy for anybody to buy QUDO tokens. If you still want early access to QUDO tokens, Get in touch for more details.
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Rewarding mechanism

Gamers get rewarded for their activity, achievements and performance.

Blockchain based

No fees, fully transparent and decentralized. Built on top of an EOS.IO based protocol, running on Telos network.

Cross-game token

Coins are spendable across all participating games.

Crowd Testing for Games

Gamers will be able to help improving alpha and beta releases of a game by reporting bugs, being rewarded by the developer for this contribution. (available soon)

Unity SDK

Easy integration into any Unity based game. Fits seamlessly into the gaming experience and connects your game to the Blockchain. Is Unity not your game engine? Don’t worry, more engines will be supported soon. Want to help supporting other Industry Standard Game Engines? Contact us!

Built-in B2B Marketplace

Game Developers are rewarded with tokens that can be used to increase their game visibility, get help on development, among other benefits, available on a Built-In marketplace of adhering Services.

What are the advantages of QUDO?

Earn by playing

Players earn coins by playing a game and can spend them in any other game thanks to the cross-game architecture of QUDO and its underlying blockchain technology. Smaller games can now join forces using QUDO and have a fair chance for success.

Buy in-game

Allows the player to buy in-game items and additional content, avoiding complicated transactions and fees through traditional means such as Credit Card, Paypal and others. This results in secure, fraud-free, faster and more reliable transactions.

Monetize & Improve

Game Developers are able to improve and monetize their games without the need for intrusive advertisement models. By spending their QUDO coins, Game Developers will be able use reward for bugs and also pay for services that help improving their game and reaching a wider audience.

Standard currency

By adopting QUDO as a standard currency for the gaming industry, the interaction between users is facilitated allowing for the creation of game communities such as teams and guilds, but also providing benefits for content creators and other services.

QUDO trading

QUDO tokens will soon be tradeable for other cryptocurrencies via crypto exchanges.


QUDO token holders are planned to have the chance of being included in the decision making and governance of the ecosystem.

No Blockchain knowledge needed

We have developed QUDO in a way that simplifies the interaction with blockchain technology for all users, making it very quick and easy to integrate and start being rewarded with crypto currency.

No Mining needed

QUDO coins are created by a lightweight algorithm running on the blockchain (not in your own device) which generates new coins every minute and distributes the vast majority of them across all active players and respective games.


Our milestones we are going towards rapidly to achieve

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Blox is a tower defense game where you defend your computer against the worst enemies on the blockchain and get rewarded for it.

Choose your weapons, plan your strategy and join us on this adventure into the world of blockchain.


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Players, we present you QUDO!
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How to hire gaming services using QUDO
How to list your services in the QUDO B2B Marketplace
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Frequently Asked Questions

QUDO is a gaming network and a cryptocurrency for the gaming industry. It comes with multiple features, but we highlight QUDO’s rewarding mechanism for games, where gameplay time, performance and bugs-found are rewarded with a cryptocurrency - QUDO. By doing so, players get increasingly motivated for playing adherent games, which is a great advantage for these games when compared to just being available on traditional marketplaces. Game developers are also rewarded whenever their game is being played. As they accumulate QUDO tokens, they will be able to hire affiliated services, like game asset providers, media content & coverage, 2D/3D assets, game development & art freelancing, among others. Everybody wins.

Most Indie Game Developers and Small Studios are driven by the passion of creating games. It is thrilling to see their game being played and appreciated by others. However, most of these games have a small number of active players and hardly show up in marketplaces as valid option players. With QUDO, it is also our mission to help Game Developers in a fair way, so that Indie Game Developers and Small Studios get a fair chance to showcase their game while being rewarded for it, with QUDO coins. Upon integration of QUDO into a game - which can be done in a matter of minutes - both active games and their players get QUDO coins every time they game is being played. With the accumulated QUDO coins, Game Developers can spend them on affiliated services like game asset providers, media content & coverage, 2D/3D assets, game development & art freelancing, etc., but can also setup QUDO to give part back to their players in the form of Performance Rewards or as a prize for new bugs found by players (Tester Rewards). We are devoted to help you while learning about your needs as a Developer, so feel free to get in touch and ask for help and give suggestions.

Until QUDO launches on the TELOS Main Net ( see roadmap ), we are welcoming Game Developers, Service Providers and other Key Partners as Founding Partners, which will have special benefits. Founding Partners are important for us because they will help make sure that QUDO is a success. Either by providing valuable advisory, being a valuable game or service from the very beginning - testing features and believing in the project before it is an actual success - or by providing support to the QUDO team in various topics we need support, these partners will prove themselves very valuable to QUDO and for that reason we will be very happy to include them in the list of Founding Partners.

A Founding Partner will be categorised into one among of multiple levels (categories). Depending on the help the partner brings to the QUDO Project from the very beginning, a level is assigned. Each level benefits from a certain amount of QUDO periodical rewards, as part of the Network Rewards (described in the diagram above). Depending on the level, a Founding Partner will either benefit from periodical rewards continuously until the end of token distribution time, until a certain moment in time, or (in case of games and services) until the game or service gets delisted from the marketplace.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a QUDO Founding Partner? Don't take too long deciding, because time is already short. Contact us!

Players play games because it is fun and they spend good moments playing. We don't want to take away any of that. We just want to be considered as an extra incentive, "the cherry on top of the cake" for gamers. So, while playing, players will earn a prize in the form of a cryptocurrency - QUDO - for the time they spend playing. The more they play, the more they earn, always, as it is a core feature from the QUDO Rewarding Mechanism. Also, it is up for each game developer to offer QUDO tokens as rewards for their player's performance (Achievement Rewards & Highscore Rewards), but also if you encounter bugs (Tester Rewards). QUDO tokens can be saved in your own wallets, sent across the network to other users, and easily used to purchase in-game assets and features, without the need for traditional money or credit cards.

Just like Game Developers and Players, Service Providers are one of the essential elements of the gaming industry. Game asset providers, 2D/3D/Sound artists, Copyrighters, Software Developers, and so on, is what most of the time turns a good game into a great game. With QUDO, we want Service Providers to share the same ecosystem as game developers and offer their services inside the platform. This way Game Developers will have the funds to acquire your services with cryptocurrency - QUDO, something that outside the QUDO ecosystem they would most likely not even consider. We are committed to help you connect with Game Developers and promote your services.

At the moment, QUDO hasn't yet launched on the Telos Network Main Net, so QUDO tokens aren't available yet. Upon launch on the Main Net (see roadmap above), QUDO tokens will be distributed according to the Block Reward Token Distribution model described above. Later, we will eventually get listed on multiple exchanges, allowing tokens to be purchased by the public. In the meantime, if you want early access to QUDO tokens, get in contact with us.

You may have noticed that we refer to QUDO crypto assets as tokens. We could refer to them as coins, which is more easily understandable by the general audience but we wouldn't be totally correct. In fact, each QUDO token is a coin (a means of payment), but with a wider functionality other than just 'digital cash'. For instance, game developers need to stake a minimum amount of tokens to be considered eligible for publishing their games in the QUDO ecosystem. Also, in the future, high QUDO stake holders are planned to have voting powers (governance votes). But calling QUDO coins to QUDO tokens is okay enough in general terms.

Yes! One of the benefits of QUDO is that you can spend them in any adherent game instead of just being credits limited to one game, publisher or marketplace. Once you have QUDO tokens, you can spend them wherever they are accepted.

Service Providers (Game Asset Providers, 2D/3D/Sound Artists, Copyrighters, Software Developers, Voice-over, etc.) are key resources for the success of a game. We want to incentivise all games to hire services that most wouldn't be able to hire before QUDO. As part of QUDO Tokenomics, part of the newly generated coins offered to Game Developers go into a special wallet, to be spent specifically with Service Providers (you!). This incentivizes Game Developers to improve their games with services like yours. If you consider yourself an added value for the creation, distribution or promotion of a game, apply for becoming a Service Provider at QUDO. To do that, you will need to access QUDO Dashboard and stake a minimum amount of QUDO (check the other FAQ item to see what this means for you). In the meantime, feel free to reveal your interest about becoming a QUDO Service Provider and you can possibly become a QUDO Founding Partner (check the other FAQ item to see what this means for you).

By default, you earn QUDO tokens by playing adherent games. Inside each game, you should have the QUDO icon on the main menu, where after logging in you have access to a lot of features including account details, rewards earned across games, token balance and history, sending/receiving QUDO, etc. There is also a web app, we call it the QUDO Dashboard, which is already available for all users, where Gamers, Game Developers, Service Providers and other QUDO Token Holders have full control over their account and QUDO tokens. There, any user is able to analyse game activity and respective rewards in QUDO tokens, but also send & receive these QUDO tokens to other users.

You can manage your tokens (check balance, history, send/receive, get account details, etc.) via the QUDO Dashboard (web app) or even inside any adherent game - there is a QUDO menu on the main menu of each game. Also, as QUDO runs on TELOS (EOS.IO protocol), any TELOS compatible wallet should allow you to run basic transactional operations. We recommend you have a look at Anchor, Wombat or Scatter.

Staking is a simple form of commitment for non-standard users (Game Developers and Service Providers). In order to prevent spamming the QUDO ecosystem with non-active Game Developer and Service Provider accounts we set a minimum amount of QUDO tokens that these users need to have in their possession. If you're one of these users, you won't be paying for anything, just reserving your QUDO tokens as a proof-of-commitment for your game or service to remain active. The moment Game Developers decide to unlink their game(s) from QUDO, or the moment Service Providers give up from listing their service(s) on the QUDO marketplace for developers, these Staked QUDO tokens become available in their wallet. Don't worry, tokens remain yours, they are just 'locked' under a transparent smart contract on the Blockchain and never leave the possession of their owner (you), being possible to unlock them whenever you want.

Absolutely not. QUDO coins are created by a lightweight algorithm running on the blockchain (not in your own device) which generates new coins periodically and distributes the vast majority of them across all active players and respective games. QUDO only uses your device to inform the blockchain that your account is being used to play a certain game. This way, the blockchain will understand who (which accounts/wallets) should be rewarded when the new coins are to be distributed. There is a misconception with the term mining and usually mistaken with the original concept of mining coins like Bitcoin, where high computational power was needed (Proof-of-Work (PoW)) and some malware that used your device’s capabilities to mine crypto currencies without your consent. With QUDO, everything is transparent and it doesn’t depend on any computational power from your device to generate new coins, because it is running on a DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) blockchain. If you wish to know more about the DPoS protocol, there is another FAQ explaining the main differences between PoW, PoS and DPoS.

Integrating QUDO in your game is very easy if you use Unity (compatibility with other game engines is under development). You just need to download the almost 'plug and play' QUDO SDK and connect your game to the blockchain with just a few lines of code. We've produced a couple of videos covering all the steps needed - check them here. Basically, you need to register yourself as Game Developer at QUDO Dashboard Web App and stake a minimum amount of QUDO as guarantee of commitment for the game you will be launching - the more you stake, the more tokens you earn when your game is being played. Similarly, the amount of QUDO Tokens you earn to be spent in adhering services vary depending on the amount staked. For more information on how QUDO Network Rewards work for you, check the diagram above.

If Unity is not your game engine, it is also possible to integrate with QUDO, but your job will be more difficult as you need to develop your own client-side web services. The good side of this? Help us on porting our current SDK to other industry standard game engines and we will reward you for that. If this is interesting to you, contact us to discuss the details! It is also worth mentioning that we've started the compatibility of QUDO with another industry standard game engine. Can you guess which one? :)

Integrating and using QUDO with your games is absolutely free. Free for you, free for whoever plays and also free for gaming service providers to be listed in the QUDO Dashboard. Our aim is for QUDO to be the enabler of a fair gaming ecosystem - if it works out, we all win!

Not at all :) You don’t need to have any previous Blockchain experience in order to connect your game to QUDO. We have developed QUDO in a way that simplifies the interaction with blockchain technology for all users, making it very quick and easy to integrate and start being rewarded with crypto currency (both you and your players). It will feel like the internet we have nowadays but decentralized - QUDO takes care of that conversion.

PoW (Proof-of-Work) is the original protocol that created coins like Bitcoin. It needs computational power to generate coins, due to an increasingly hardware-demanding puzzle used to determine who generates the new block (of transactions). A few years after PoW and its projects appear (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero and several others), PoS (Proof-of-Stake) protocol is created. With PoS, the creator of a new block (of transactions) and who receives the new coins is selected based on a randomized measurement of accounts that have the oldest and largest amount of unspent coins (the stake). The more coins the “staker” has, the more likely he will add a new block of the transaction to the blockchain. Although this protocol hasn’t (in its pure form) been adopted by many projects, it was used as an inspiration for a few very successful protocols. Among them, the contemporary Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) protocol, in which coin holders with higher stake have more ‘voice’ in the election of the list of nodes responsible for generating new blocks (of transactions) in the blockchain. DPoS is extremely fast, scalable, stable and secure due to its architecture. Some blockchains were built according to this protocol, being the original project, the EOS blockchain. TELOS is one of the main blockchain projects using the same protocol, in which QUDO is built upon.

Want to be part of QUDO? Contact us!