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The future of Gaming.

Gamers earn by playing and Developers earn for their games’ activeness

QUDO is a revolutionary mechanism that rewards Gamers and Developers with a cryptocurrency. Players can do In-App-Purchases using QUDO in all adherent games, while game developers can improve their games through the QUDO B2B marketplace or give back to the community by creating additional rewards.
QUDO - Hands Holding Content
QUDO - Hands Holding Content
QUDO - Hands Holding Content
Game Developer
Service Provider


  • Earn QUDO tokens by playing
  • Buy In-Game via In-App Purchases
  • Cross-Game Token
  • No intrusive Ads

Game Developer

  • Earn QUDO when your game is being played
  • Earn QUDO selling In-Game
  • Hire gaming services with QUDO
  • Improve your games awareness
  • Grow your audience

Service Provider

  • List your services for free
  • Sell your services without any fees
  • Direct access to Game Developers
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Rewards gaming activity and performance
QUDO offers game developers a player engagement mechanism that rewards gaming activity and performance with a cryptocurrency, while promoting their game.
QUDO - No Blockchain experience needed
QUDO - No mining neeeded
QUDO - Mining man


QUDO - Rewarding Mechanism

Rewarding Mechanism

Gamers are rewarded for their activity, performance and bugs reported.

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QUDO - Blockchain Based

Blockchain Based

Fully transparent and decentralized. No fees. Built on top of EOS.IO protocol, running on the Telos Network.

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QUDO - Cross-game Token

Cross-game Token

Coins are spendable across all participating games.

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QUDO - Crowd Testing for Games

Crowd Testing for Games

Gamers will be able to help improve alpha and beta releases of a game by reporting bugs, while being rewarded by the developer for this contribution.

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QUDO - Unity SDK

Unity SDK

Easy integration into any Unity-based game. Seamlessly connects your game to the blockchain in a matter of minutes. We’ll support other game engines. Contact us!

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QUDO - Built-in B2B Marketplace

Built-in B2B Marketplace

Game developers are rewarded with tokens that can be used to increase their game visibility, get help on design and development, among other services, all available on a Built-In marketplace of adhering Services.

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Earn by Playing

Players earn coins by playing a game and can spend them in any other game thanks to the cross-game architecture of QUDO.

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Buy In-game

Allows the player to buy in-game items and additional content, avoiding complicated transactions and fees through traditional means such as credit card and others. This results in a secure, fraud-free, faster and more reliable transactions.

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Monetize & Improve

Game developers are able to improve and monetize their games without the need for intrusive advertisement models. By spending their QUDO tokens, game developers will be able to reward their players for bugs and also pay for services that help improve their game and reach a wider audience.

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Standard Currency

By adopting QUDO as a standard currency for the gaming industry, the interaction between users is facilitated, promoting the creation of game communities such as teams and guilds, but also providing benefits for content creators and other services.

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QUDO Trading

QUDO tokens are expected to soon be tradeable for other cryptocurrencies via crypto exchanges.

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QUDO token holders are planned to participate in the decision-making and governance of the project and ecosystem.

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No Blockchain Knowledge Needed

QUDO simplifies the interaction with blockchain technology for all users, making it very quick and easy to integrate and start getting rewarded with cryptocurrency.

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No User Devices are Used to Mine

QUDO tokens are created by a lightweight algorithm running on the blockchain (not in your own device), which generates new tokens every minute and distributes the vast majority of them across all active players and respective game developers.

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We are also Block Producers for the Telos Network
The Telos network is an important part of QUDO. After all, it is the infrastructure supporting projects like QUDO to run fast and securely. For that reason, we have also joined the Telos network as Block Producers. This means that we at Block Bastards are also supporting the network with computational power, delivered by one of the machines delegated to create new blocks in the Telos Blockchain. If you believe in our mission and want to support our participation in the Telos network, we encourage you to vote for blockbastrds as a Telos Block Producer.
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Using QUDO
Integration into games
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What can I do with QUDO?

QUDO is a gaming network and a cryptocurrency for the gaming industry. It comes with multiple features, but we highlight QUDO’s rewarding mechanism for games, where gameplay time, performance and finding bugs are rewarded with a cryptocurrency - QUDO. By doing so, players get increasingly motivated and are encouraged to spend their earnings across all the adherent games, which is a great advantage for the games themselves when compared to being available on traditional marketplaces. Game developers are also rewarded whenever their game is being played. As they accumulate QUDO tokens, they will be able to hire affiliated services, like game asset providers, media content & coverage, 2D/3D assets, game development & art freelancing, among others. Everybody wins.

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I am a Gamer. Why is QUDO good for me?

People play games because it’s fun. We don’t want to take that away. We just want to be considered as an extra incentive, "the cherry on top of the cake" for gamers. So, while playing, you will earn a prize in the form of a cryptocurrency - QUDO - for the time you spend playing. The more you play, the more you earn, always, as it is a core feature from the QUDO rewarding mechanism. Additionally, it is up to each game developer to offer QUDO tokens as rewards for their player’s performance (achievement rewards & highscore rewards) and bugs spotting (tester rewards). QUDO tokens can be saved in your own wallets, sent across the network to other users and easily used to purchase in-game assets and features without the need for traditional money or credit cards.

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I am a Game Developer. Why is QUDO good for me?

Most indie game developers and small studios are driven by the passion of creating games. It is thrilling to see their game being played and appreciated by others. However, most of these games have only a few active players and hardly show up in marketplaces as valid options for players. With QUDO, it is also our mission to help game developers fairly, so that indie game developers and small studios get a better chance to showcase their game while being rewarded for it with QUDO coins. Upon integration of QUDO into a game - which can be done in a matter of minutes - both game developers and their players get QUDO coins. By accumulating QUDO coins, game developers can buy affiliated services like game asset providers, media content & coverage, 2D/3D assets, game development & art freelancing, etc., but can also set up QUDO to give back a specified amount to the players in the form of performance rewards or as a prize for new bugs found by players (tester rewards). We are devoted to help you while learning about your needs as a developer, so feel free to get in touch to ask for help and give suggestions.

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I am a Service Provider. Why is QUDO good for me?

Just like game developers and players, service providers are another essential element of the gaming industry. Game asset providers, 2D/3D/sound artists, copywriters, software developers, among others, often set the difference between a good game and a great game. With QUDO, we want you to share the same ecosystem as game developers and offer your services inside the platform. This way, game developers will have the funds to acquire your services with cryptocurrency - QUDO -, something that outside the QUDO ecosystem they would most likely not even consider. We are committed to help you connect with game developers and promote your services.

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What is a Founding Partner and what are the benefits?

Until QUDO launches on the TELOS Main Net (see roadmap), we are welcoming game developers, service providers and other key partners as founding partners, which will have special benefits. Founding partners are important for us because they will help make sure that QUDO is a success. Either by providing valuable advisory and testing features, by being a valuable game or service from the very beginning (i.e. believing in the project before it is an actual success) or by providing support to the QUDO team in various topics, these partners will prove themselves very valuable to QUDO and for that reason we will be very happy to include them in the list of founding partners. A founding partner will be categorized into one among multiple levels (categories). Depending on the help the partner brings to the QUDO project from the very beginning, a level is assigned. Each level benefits from a certain amount of QUDO periodical rewards, as part of the network rewards (described in the diagram). According to their level, a founding partner will either benefit from periodical rewards continuously until the end of token distribution time, until a certain moment in time, or (in case of games and services) until the game or service gets delisted from the marketplace. Do you think you have what it takes to be a QUDO founding partner? Don't take too long to decide, because time is already short. Contact us!

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