We are pleased to announce that, in addition to having QUDO running on the Telos network, we are also supporting the network by running our Telos Block Producer
Our story:
Block Bastards was founded in early 2018, focused on the Research & Development of Blockchain based Products to solve problems in the world nowadays. Being gaming a passion of both founders João and Jona, but also a sector where the majority of the Block Bastards team has professional background, the gaming industry was clearly identified as the way to go. The gaming industry, representing $162 Billion (in 2020) suffers from a great polarisation, where small studios and indie developers - who represent the majority of games - are unable to compete against big corporations, in terms of budget for development and promotion, exposure on marketplaces, etc. On the user side, players, who represent a community of 2.7 Billion people (and growing) play games regularly, but only 2.2% of these player have ever payed in a game. In order to help smaller developers and give purchasing power to players, we at Block Bastards decided to create a decentralised ecosystem and a crypto currency for the gaming industry - QUDO. We want to become the #1 Blockchain Platform and Token within the Gaming Industry.
Why Telos?
Telos is a 3rd generation DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) blockchain, built to run state-of-the-art decentralised applications, something that was virtually impossible up until it appeared. Based on the EOS.IO protocol, Telos brings fast transactions at virtually no fees. Despite sharing the same original protocol with EOS blockchain, which by itself represents an evolution in the history of blockchains, Telos offers improved governance, with real-human interactions, allowing developers building on the Telos network to really feel like they get the support they need and that they are part of a great community. Additionally, being Telos an application driven Blockchain, and because Telos believes in Qudo’s mission and roadmap, the Telos Foundation supported QUDO with the necessary support, including the ability to easily and nearly free-of-charge, create user accounts, allowing QUDO to build its “soft landing” mechanism, where every time a new player registers on the platform, a new crypto wallet is created on-the-fly, without any technical requirement whatsoever, feeling like running on the ‘traditional internet’. Our goal is to lower the entry barrier for all users that are interested in joining us, even the ones who don’t yet feel acquainted with cryptocurrencies or with its blockchain features. Since the vision of Telos is so aligned with the one of Qudo, BlockBastards decided to select Telos as the network to run Qudo.
Why become a Block Producer on Telos?
We at Block Bastards have been working closely with Telos, preparing Qudo’s launch on the Telos blockchain as well as providing valuable feedback so that Telos improves to fulfil the needs of Dapp developers, like us. Since we’ve partnered with Telos, our experience has been great… The amount of new technology being put together at Telos within such a short time is impressive and reassuring. Telos has been able to address known technical, governance, and social issues with the EOS network and fix them to make for a better governance structure and more egalitarian chain. When it comes to what it takes to become a Block Producer on Telos, we believe that this should be the role of entities that are technically capable, have the capacity to run a high-end node and maintain it, but above all, that have the ‘skin in the game’, running meaningful decentralised applications on Telos and bringing new users to these DApps and to the network. As a result of the above, we decided to show our commitment and to become a Block Producer on the Telos network.
We are confident that Telos will be a terrific place for certain types of application developers to launch, and that future difficulties encountered by the chain will be resolved promptly and transparently. We really hope that we can share our success with the network and help Telos grow towards widespread adoption.
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